Amazing changes are coming….


Good Monday Morning!!!

Amazing changes are coming, I can just feel them.  I hope you all have started your vision boards, goal making, and I know the majority of you are working on your Leonie Dawson’s Work Books.  I did one for this year, and I have to say it didn’t work for me just because it was made for Woman, and the energy I got from it was not welcoming but more excluded.  However, I am okay with that, it just wasn’t for me.  I did take some great tips and tools from it that I will incorporate for next year.

For me, visuals are so important.  I love walking into my sacred space and seeing vision boards staring at me, full of color and positivity.  The way  I start to create one is that I ask myself WHY I want to create one in the first place.  That WHY is so important because it allows you to use your brain and your heart.  You need to be honest with yourself about your dreams, desires, passions-even if you feel their silly and unattainable-write them down.


Once I have written down my why and what I want, it is now time to focus on the HOW.  How will I get these things?  It is not about really figuring them out now, but as you are cutting your images, you can think about ways to get you closer to what you desire.  NO NEGATIVITY!  This is a time to have fun and be creative.  Pretend, if you have to, that you could have anything you want, put that energy into it.  It is all about the intent.

After I glued all my images and words, I decided to write a dedication letter to myself.  In this letter, I wrote a promise to myself and my spiritual tribe.  I also wrote down things that I would like to release, and my final thoughts, goals, and wants for 2015.  I then glued it to the back of my vision board and placed it by my altar that was set up specifically for that vision board.


On Yule, December 21st; I like to do my 2015-12 month reading for myself.  I select a card that represents the energy of that month, working along side my angels and tribe to bring me what it is that I need to focus that month.  If you are interested in this reading, click on the image for purchase.  Each reading comes with a PDF that features 13 pages, one being a thank you page and the others your monthly readings.  You can print it out and have it close to your vision board or altar for the month as a loving reminder.

Yearly Reading

2015 Year Reading


Our spiritual tribes, our beloved angels-can only do so much.  WE have to do the majority of the work.  Our tribe sends us what we need, aligns us to where we need to go, and puts us in front of those that can help.  It is up to us to see their signs and messages and the opportunities.  If you are not willing to invest in your own future, why would you expect others to?

Make 2015 YOUR year!  Celebrate YOU!

Blessed Be ❤

Erick Silvermoon

3 thoughts on “Amazing changes are coming….

  1. Great post Erick. I love your vision boards. I’m still working on mine, I’m having a hard time finding picture scraps that represent what I want to manifest next year. Where did you get all of your pictures?
    ❤ & Blessings,
    Sarah Dawn

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