It is all about the intent!

Happy Monday!!!

Who is EXCITED about this new week?  Come on, you know you are!  Make this week better than the last week. Shit always hits the fan, so don’t bring last weeks junk into this week.

  • What would you like to see happen this week?
  • What would you like to try differently?
  • What are your goals?

Write them down, put them on a sticky note, do whatever it takes for you to remember and hold your self accountable.  If you are feeling overwhelmed speak up! Ask for help!  You are not in this alone, there is a whole Tribe of individuals that are willing to help.

Here are some tips that I use to get myself out of that funk:

  • Take a break – Leave the situation and come back to it calmed and collected.
  • Eat something – I know how hard you all work, and yes- we can forget to eat which can make us cranky.
  • Every “mistake” is fixable – Don’t focus your entire day on one problem.  Ask for help! Be patient! Work on something else in the mean time while solutions are coming to you. (I can’t get you out of murder, just sayin’)
  • Burn Incense – I love the smell of a good stick!  Always takes me to a sacred space.
  • Light a candle and meditate – I have a candle at my office to help me ground.  If you see it lit up, then you know whats up!
  • Drink TEA – Because its awesome and it gives your insides a warm hug!
  • Spell work (PRAY) – I always say a little prayer to get me back into the light.  Call in your Angels and your Spiritual Tribe to take away all that funk.


What types of things do you all do to get you out of that funk?  I want to know!  Don’t keep those treasures to yourself!  LoL


Have a wonderful week.

Erick Silvermoon

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