Trying to get out of a business funk…

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Hello my favorite people ever!!!  Recently, I have been feeling a bit stuck on my Spiritual Business.  I was trying to figure out the WHY.  To be honest, I really love doing readings for people and being of service in that magical way.  I am trying to figure out if I even want to charge people.  I know, you have to make a living some how, however, I already make a great living doing my “muggle” work.  No, I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life!  I would much rather be Sandra Bullock’s character in Practical Magic selling what I love in my shop.  That to me sounds so much more blissful.  Here’s the thing, I can’t financially take that leap into the unknown with my fiance.

blog Sometimes I feel like all I can do is ask my Spiritual Tribe for guidance and to push me on the right direction.  I can do the rest!  But how will I know when that happens?  Normally, I get a knowing feeling that makes me think “Omg! This is my sign!”.   I know that comparison is the worst thing to do, but I like getting inspired by looking at someone’s Etsy shop, and their blog or website.  I get a feeling for their success and their authenticity.

Being authentic with the material you blog about is absolutely crucial!  It is all about your voice and the power behind it.  I always feel like I have so much to say, but sometimes find myself having no time to speak.  I am way to busy to sit down and write.  As much as I love it, I find it hard to make that time.

I recently read an amazing blog  by Kelly-Anne Maddox, whom which I freakin’ love and stalk!!!  She blogged about how she had a major shift towards the same funky energy I am in.  I found this to be extremely helpful.  She discovered that she doesn’t have to always be writing or posting because she feels that she has to  to please the masses.   Her huge Ah ha moment was knowing that people rather wait a week, or even a month to read something that is truly inspiring and juicy with wisdom.  Being authentic is way better than pleasing the masses!blog 1

I have even been thinking about changing my weekly readings to be a bit more special than something that seems to be falling to death ears.  What does that look like?  Do people even want to see it?  I don’t know!  That is what I need to sit and reflect on whether to change it or keep it the same, maybe even get rid of it.

So, back to my original WHY.  My why would be that I want a space where I could just speak and share my thoughts and ideas, and even my art.  I want to continue doing readings for people and keeping it reasonably priced.  I put a lot of work into what I do and I don’t want to lower it’s value.  So maybe I have to do a better job describing what I do?  Lots to sit with!

Thank you for hearing my voice.  I would love to hear yours.  Feel free to comment and continue this topic either on here or on my Facebook page.

Blessed Be! Erick Silvermoon ❤

4 thoughts on “Trying to get out of a business funk…

  1. Well, I for one would be sad to see your weekly readings come to an end. They have always been on point for me. However, I totally understand the need for change. Change brings the opportunity for growth and that is AWESOME! Can’t wait to see what this shift will bring for you. Happy journeying down this new path of discovery , Erick ♡

  2. Have you thought about potentially switching from weekly to monthly forecasts/readings? You could draw cards to reflect each week in the month, the energies overall etc, but you’d free yourself up more to write about other things and scale down your commitment to the readings whilst still delivering them. I think that some people really love to write regular readings for their tribe and that’s a great thing, but what I’m getting from this post is that you want to stretch your legs a little bit and have a walk around.. You are such a passionate, communicative and creative soul. If your soul wants to play in a different part of the playground, I’d say make some room for that. 🙂

    Do you have your own personal YT channel, by the way? Have you considered it?

    So much love and thanks for the shoutout. x

    • You are so amazing!!! I am so down for a monthly forecast! Thank you so much for being you! I’m planning out some new things to try out and their going to require some thought. I really appreciate and value your voice. Thank you ❤

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